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RNode Firmware

This is the open and flexible firmware for creating RNode devices.

An RNode is an open, free and unrestricted digital radio transceiver. It enables anyone to send and receive any kind of data over both short and very long distances. RNodes can be used with many different kinds of programs and systems, but they are especially well suited for use with Reticulum.

Devices Running RNode Firmware

Depeding on configuration, it can be used for local networking purposes, or to send data over very long distances. Once you have an RNode, there is a wide variety of possible uses:

Supported Boards & Devices

The RNode Firmware supports the following boards:

Supported Transceiver Modules

The RNode Firmware supports all transceiver modules based on Semtech SX1276 or Semtech SX1278 chips, that have an SPI interface and expose the DIO_0 interrupt pin from the chip.

Support for SX1262, SX1268 and SX1280 is being implemented. Please support the project with donations if you want this faster!

Getting Started Fast

You can download and flash the firmware to all the supported boards using the RNode Config Utility. All firmware releases are now handled and installed directly through the rnodeconf utility, which is inclueded in the rns package. It can be installed via pip:

# Install rnodeconf via rns package
pip install rns --upgrade

# Install the firmware on a board with the install guide
rnodeconf --autoinstall

For more detailed instruction and in-depth guides, you can have a look at some of these resources:

If you would rather just buy a pre-made unit, you can visit my shop and purchase my particular version of the Handheld RNode, which I can assure you is made to the highest quality, and with a lot of care.

Support RNode Development

You can help support the continued development of open, free and private communications systems by donating via one of the following channels:

License & Use

The RNode Firmware is Copyright © 2023 Mark Qvist / unsigned.io, and is made available under a dual GPL+commercial license. You can obtain the source code from git.unsigned.io or GitHub.

Unless otherwise noted, the source code and binaries in this repository and related release sections is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0. The source code includes an SX1276 driver that is released under MIT License, and Copyright © 2018 Sandeep Mistry / Mark Qvist.

Permission is hereby granted to use the RNode Firmware in binary form from this repository for any and all purposes, so long as no payment or compensation is charged or received for such distribution or use. Binary copies of the firmware obtained from this repository (or via the rnodeconf utility) are explicitly licensed under these conditions.

If you distribute or modify this work, you must adhere to the terms of the GPLv3, including, but not limited to, providing up-to-date source code upon distribution, displaying appropriate copyright and license notices in prominent positions of all conveyed works, and making users aware of their rights to the software under the GPLv3.

If you want to charge money (or similar) or receive compensation for providing the firmware to others, use the firmware in your own commercial products, or make and sell RNodes, you simplify commercial deployment by purchasing a commercial license, which is cheap and easy.

I provide a range of convenient tools and resources for anyone who wants commercially produce RNodes or provide services based on RNode, so just get in contact with me to get started.

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Unless otherwise noted, everything here is put into the world under a CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license.
Feel free to share and remix, just remember the attribution.