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Create RNodes

This section contains the tools and guides necessary to create more RNodes. Creating any number of RNodes is completely free and unrestricted for all personal, non-commercial and humanitarian purposes. If doing so provides value to you or your community, you are encouraged to contribute whatever you find to be reasonable.

If you want to create RNodes for sale or commercial purposes, please read the selling RNodes section for more details.

Firmware Source Code

If you would like to inspect or compile the RNode Firmware source code yourself, you can download a copy of the RNode Firmware source-code stored in this RNode.

Getting Started

To create your own RNodes, there are generally three distinct paths you can take:

If you already have some experience with 3D-printing and electronics projects, the recommended path is to pick a build recipe for the RNode type you want. That way, you will get a neat and portable unit that's ready for real-world use.

If you are just getting started, it might be nice to get a working "proof-of-concept" with minimal effort first, though. In such a case, creating a basic RNode is a good starting point.

Choose a path to get started