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This RNode contains a repository of downloadable software and utilities, that are useful for bootstrapping communications networks, and for replicating RNodes.

Please Note! Whenever you install software onto your computer, there is a risk that someone modified this software to include malicious code. Be extra careful installing anything from this RNode, if you did not get it from a source you trust, or if there is a risk it was modified in transit.

If possible, you can check that the SHA-256 hashes of any downloaded files correspond to the list of release hashes published on the Reticulum Release page.

You Have The Source! Due to the size limitations of shipping all this software within an RNode, we don't include separate source-code archives for the below programs, but all the source code is included within the Python .whl files!

You can simply unzip any of them with any program that understands zip files, and you will find the source code inside the unzipped directory (for some zip programs, you may need to change the file ending to .zip).

You can also download the copy of the RNode Firmware source-code that is stored in this RNode.

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