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LXMF is a simple and flexible messaging format and delivery protocol that allows a wide variety of implementations, while using as little bandwidth as possible. It is built on top of Reticulum and offers zero-conf message routing, end-to-end encryption and Forward Secrecy, and can be transported over any kind of medium that Reticulum supports.

LXMF is efficient enough that it can deliver messages over extremely low-bandwidth systems such as packet radio or LoRa. Encrypted LXMF messages can also be encoded as QR-codes or text-based URIs, allowing completely analog paper message transport.

Installing this LXMF library allows other programs on your system, like Nomad Network, to use the LXMF messaging system. It also includes the lxmd program that you can use to run LXMF propagation nodes on your network.

Local Installation

If you do not have access to the Internet, or would prefer to install LXMF directly from this RNode, you can use the following instructions.

Online Installation

If you are connected to the Internet, you can try to install the latest version of LXMF via the pip package manager.