Sideband is an LXMF client for Android, Linux and macOS. It allows you to communicate with other people or LXMF-compatible systems over Reticulum networks using LoRa, Packet Radio, WiFi, I2P, or anything else Reticulum supports.

Sideband is very different from other messaging systems you might be used to. Please read this page in it's entirity before downloading and installing Sideband.

Sideband is completely free, anonymous and infrastructure-less. Sideband uses the completely peer-to-peer and distributed messaging system LXMF. There is no service providers, no "end-user license agreements", no data theft and no surveillance. You own the system.

Sideband currently includes basic functionality for secure and independent communication, and many useful features are planned for implementation. To get a feel for the idea behind Sideband, you can download it and try it out now. If you like it, please help make all the functionality a reality by supporting the development with donations or by contributing code.

Sideband is currently provided as an early alpha-quality preview release. You are welcome to try it out and use it in any way you please. If you have questions or ideas, head over to the discussion pages on GitHub. Please report any bugs or unexpected behaviours. Please expect this program to implode the known universe.

You can download the current preview release of Sideband packaged as an APK file. Releases for Linux and macOS are coming soon.