What is it?

LoRaMon is a LoRa packet sniffer for RNode hardware. It will let you monitor LoRa traffic and dump it to console or to files on disk. LoRaMon can be installed through pip:

pip3 install loramon

You can read the full documentation and a couple of usage examples on the LoRaMon GitHub page. Here's the usage summary:

usage: loramon [-h] [-C] [-W directory] [--freq Hz] [--bw Hz] [--txp dBm]
               [--sf factor] [--cr rate]

LoRa packet sniffer for RNode hardware.

positional arguments:
  port           Serial port where RNode is attached

optional arguments:
  -h, --help     show this help message and exit
  -C, --console  Print captured packets to the console
  -H, --hex      Print out packets as hexadecimal
  -W directory   Write captured packets to a directory
  --freq Hz      Frequency in Hz
  --bw Hz        Bandwidth in Hze
  --txp dBm      TX power in dBm
  --sf factor    Spreading factor
  --cr rate      Coding rate