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RNode Bluetooth Setup for Sideband on Android

This short guide will outline all the necessary steps on how to set up an RNode, for use with the Sideband application on Android devices.

Initial Setup & Bluetooth Pairing

To use an RNode over Bluetooth with an Android device, a normal Bluetooth pairing must be performed between the devices first. Here is the correct procedure:

Setup in Sideband

To use the paired RNode in Sideband, the following steps must be carried out:

That's all there is to it. Once pairing has been completed, and the RNode interface in Sideband has been enabled, it will be connected and used whenever the RNode is powered on and within range.

To temporarily disable the Sideband app from using the RNode, you can go into the Hardware > RNode Section of the program, and disable the Connect via Bluetooth option. This change does not require a program restart to take effect.

It is also worth noting, that the 1.x versions of the firmware only allows one host connection at a time. You cannot be connected to both USB/Serial from a computer, and Bluetooth from another device at the same time. The RNode will switch the host connection to only use one at a time.

If using the device over Bluetooth, just give it power, either via the USB port or a battery, but don't connect to it over USB or serial. You can plug it into a computer USB port just fine, but don't open it with rnsd or anything else.

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