It’s now easy to add support for all boards in the Arduino IDE!┬áJust go to preferences in Arduino, and under “Additional Boards Manager URLs”, add the following URL:

If you already have other URLs, separate them with commas. You can now go into “Board Manager”, scroll down and install “UnsignedBoards”. That’s it! The Arduino IDE now has native support for all boards.

The library will be updated when new boards are released.

2 thoughts on “Board support in Arduino IDE

  1. Hi,
    good job.
    I’d like to do some tests, I have an ATmega1284P TQFP here, how can I load your firmware?
    How should I set the fuses ?

    1. Which firmware do you want to load? Assuming it’s the RNode firmware, I’d say the easiest way is probably to just burn the Arduino bootloader by adding the board support files like above, and then selecting “burn bootloader” in the Arduino IDE. That’s going to set all the fuses correctly. After that, you can just upload the firmware over serial with avrdude or similar.

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