I just finished rebuilding the unsigned.io website and shop on a new, fresh WordPress installation. The website had existed in it's previous form for more than 5 years, which meant the original WordPress version the site was build on was getting rather... erm.. historical, maybe? Either way, it was hard to keep up to date with the various components of the site, and I simply couldn't add various features I wanted, so a rebuild was the only option.

And here we are, the site is now running from the new installation, the shop is open again, and I even revived the forums, which had been closed for a while.

If anything's amiss, or something has gone away that you think shouldn't, please let me know. It's possible something has gone wrong, even though I am pretty confident everything survived the transition 🙂

One thought on “Site Updated

  1. Congratulation for the success in rebuils the website. I’m going to register right now in the forums. And thanks for maintain all your work in this site. 73’s de Aldo, LU7HQW

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