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One OpenModem, fully tested and ready to use. Comes assembled in it's case. You will need to supply your own USB cable and a cable to connect to your radio.

For user manual, firmware downloads, schematics and other resources, go to this page.


  • ATmega1284p @ 20MHz (16KB RAM / 128KB flash)
  • Can be powered from a DC source of 5V to 16V
  • Fully KISS-compatible TNC
  • Adjustable input and output gain
  • User-friendly graphical configuration program
  • Low power consumption: ~31mA at 5V
  • Operating range: -20°C to 70°C (non-condensing)
  • Great demodulator performance, decodes ~900 packets from the TNC Test CD
  • Arduino compatible (You can program the board from the Arduino IDE, over USB)
  • Packet logging in WireShark-compatible format
  • Optional AES-128 encryption
  • Green / Red / Blue / Orange status LEDs for Status, Com, RX and TX
  • Connectors:
    • USB Mini-B (USB-powered)
    • 3.5mm TRRS jack for
      • Analog input
      • Analog output
      • PTT
      • Ground
    • MicroSD card slot
    • GPS expansion port
    • Bluetooth LE expansion port
    • Voltage input (5-18V)
    • Two ground pins
    • Regulated 5V output
    • SPI
    • Four general-purpose user I/O pins

Connectors & Expansion ports

By default, OpenModem comes with a 4-pole 3.5mm TRRS (mini-jack) connector for connecting to a radio, and a USB Mini-B connector for connecting to a host-device, and a MicroSD card slot for expandability. The MicroSD card is not included.

For illustrative purposes, the photos above show the modem with the two external auxiliary ports populated with an SMA and an aux connector. These connectors are not included by default, and if necessary must be populated according to the users needs.

The expansion ports on the board are likewise unpopulated, and can be populated by the user with any connector type, or have wires soldered directly to them. The photos above show the expansion ports populated with female swiss-pin connectors.


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