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This is the version of the Handheld RNode design. It's a portable, durable and higly functional unit that can serve many different purposes. See the RNode page for more information.

If you can, please build this device yourself, instead of buying it from me! Check out the Handheld RNode Build Recipe, or an online copy of the RNode Bootstrap Console.

The case is made from durable PETG, and the pictured model is the normal sized case in the Anthracite Grey color. This is the default configuration, but custom colors and size configurations can be made to order.

For custom orders, both the colors and case size can be chosen. The minimum order quantity for custom orders is 10 units. There is three sizes of the case to choose from:

  • A normal case with battery compartment, fitting 700mAh batteries
  • A large case with a battery compartment, fitting 1200mAh batteries
  • A slim case with no battery compartment

Please note that the device does not ship with a battery installed. You can use any standard 3.7v, single-cell lithium-polymer battery with a 1.25mm JST connector, provided it will fit in the battery compartment (see the exact dimensions below).

A compact and basic antenna is included with every device for free. It will work fine for testing and basic use, but does not offer very high performance. You can add one of the other antennas from the shop to your order, or use any suitable antenna that fits a standard SMA connector.


  • Fully open and user-reprogrammable
  • High-quality Semtech SX1276 transceiver module, driven by the powerful and reliable RNode Firmware
  • Available for the following frequency bands:
    • 420 - 520 MHz
    • 820 - 1020 MHz
    • 2.4 - 2.5 GHz (coming soon)
  • Examples of achievable link budgets, excluding antenna gains:
    • 135dB @ 21.88 Kbps
    • 147dB @ 1.56 Kbps
    • 150dB @ 73 bps
  • Configurable output power up to 17dBm (50mW)
  • Configurable on-air bitrates between 20 bps and 21.88 Kbps
  • Includes the RNode Bootstrap Console, available over WiFi
  • Clear and readable 64x128 pixel OLED display
  • Host Connectivity:
    • Serial over Micro-USB
    • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Compartment for a standard 3.7v lithium battery with a 1.25mm JST connector
    • The normal version of the case fits batteries up to 50mm x 25mm x 6mm. This size fits a 700mAh LP602248 battery perfectly.
    • The large version of the case fits batteries up to 50mm x 25mm x 12mm. Batteries up to around 1200mAh usually fit in this version.
  • MicroSD card slot
  • SMA antenna connector for long-range transceiver
  • Internal 3D WiFi/Bluetooth antenna
  • Powered by an ESP32 module
    • Dual-core 240 MHz Tensilica Xtensa processor
    • 384 KB of RAM
    • 4 MB of on-board flash memory

Additional information

Frequency Range

420 – 520 MHz, 820 – 1020 MHz

Case Size

Normal Battery

Case Material

Anthracite Grey PETG