You asked for it, here it is! RNodes are now shipping with more I/O options. There's now a total of 17 multi-purpose pins available on the RNode board. Have a look at the following diagram for an overview.

7 thoughts on “More I/O for RNode

  1. Hello Mark,
    Greetings from Indonesia..
    Can you give some information about the lora module in these board? Where i can buy it?
    I want to develop a pcb based on your design, that support modbus protocol for my sensors.
    Best regards

  2. This is super cool. I have been corresponding with one of my buddies at Semtech about doing something like this with LoRA, but by pure chance this morning I was searching for something else about APRS and this popped up!
    I have ordered two of the 900 MHz units. I have a solar-powered comms site at a hilltop in the Arizona desert, and was configuring an RPi and Baofeng radio to be able to put on the ground some km away from the hilltop and collect remote telemetry (dunno what, but just wanting to do that) via 2m APRS. The challenge there is the size of the solar panel required to keep the node alive, and the increased visibility due to the panel size. This changes everything!
    And as far as moving from traditional APRS to a version of this, I’m all for it. I expect to experiment with that as well. Now for a +30 dBm PA stage!
    Cheers and 73 – Jon N7UV

    1. Hi Jon
      Thanks for the order, I have shipped it out for you today. Awesome project, glad you found my site. This should definitely be a lot less power hungry than the Baofeng, and also easier to interface. I you have the time, let me know how it goes, or send a picture of your setup when it’s done! Best wishes, Mark

  3. Got the rnodes today in the morning delivery. I dared to open the box this afternoon – they’re so tiny! (I know, they have no reason not to be.)
    I’ve got a lot of day-job work to do tonight and tomorrow, but I really hope to get into these on the weekend.
    Thanks much and 73 – Jon N7UV

  4. This device is good for disaster?
    I search completly offgrid device (meybe with solar panel) and excange communication. Similar e-mail or sms.
    Meybe using ESP32 and sound modem?

    1. Hi Janko
      I’d say this device is very well suited for emergency/disaster communications. It is very low power, and has great range and reliability even with low transmission power. A lot of compatible software already exists from the amateur radio world (anything that can talk to a TNC device). On top of that, I am currently working on a messaging suite for fully encrypted off-grid communications. I’ll post some more details on the blog soon.

      Kind regards,

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