By popular request, I have added a forum to the site! No more chaotic and very long comment threads đŸ™‚ It's very simple at the moment. If you feel like there should be a particular category there, just let me know, and I will create it!

3 thoughts on “Forums are open!

  1. Just keeps getting better Mark, well done. I’ll put some pics of my project up soon

  2. Hi, let me tell you that this is an amazing developement, i am very interested on making one with the arduino UNO, but i am not being able to do so, i was wondering if anyone can help me out a little bit,
    Basicly, what i am trying to do is to use some “0” and “1” data to pass through this modem and then send it to a radio (already modulated) and viceversa, from the radio to the modem and then to serial again, i’ve seen the documentation but there is no clear statement about this. Am i on the right path with your solution?
    I would be greatly thankful if you could help me!

  3. Seems that forum is broken, cannot register and cannot restore password, some php smtp error pops up every time.

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