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RNode is an integrated, long-range data-radio module, that connects to a host via USB or UART and uses raw LoRa modulation in a variety of frequency bands.
Or in short: A very flexible LoRa-based communication device. It’s probably the most flexible and easy to use LoRa device you can get your hands on.
RNode can functions as a:

  • LoRa interface for any device with a USB or serial port
  • General purpose long-range data radio
  • Packet sniffer for LoRa networks
  • LoRa development board
  • A LoRa-based KISS-compatible TNC
  • Network adapter for RNS
  • A flexible platform for experiementing with LoRa technology

RNode is controlled by a powerful ATmega1284p MCU, and is fully Arduino compatible. You can use the included firmware, or it can be programmed any way you like, either from the Arduino IDE, or using any of the available tools for AVR development. The included firmware can also be edited and compiled directly from the Arduino IDE.
A 3D-printed case, as shown in the photos, can be included with every RNode as an option.
RNode does not come with an included antenna, so if you don’t already have one, be sure to add a suitable one to your order. The device should never be used without an antenna attached.


  • High-quality LoRa module with genuine Semtech SX1276 chip
  • Powered by an ATmega1284p MCU clocked at 16 MHz
  • 128 kilobytes of flash
  • 16 kilobytes of RAM
  • Large payloads with a packet MTU of 500 bytes
  • Up to 17 dBm continuous TX output
  • Sensitivity down to -139 dBm
  • Data rates ranging from 20 bps to 21.88 kbps
  • Mini-USB connector
  • SMA antenna connector, antenna not included
  • Fully programmable
  • Arduino compatible
  • Open source firmware and config util
  • 15 general purpose IO ports available
    • All ports can be used as digital inputs or outputs
    • 5 ports can be used as analog inputs
    • An extra UART serial port is available on two of the pins
    • I2C port
    • Two PWM outputs are available
    • JTAG port available
  • Operating range: -20°C to 60°C (non-condensing)
  • 23.3 mA idle power consumption

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