Introducing OpenModem

May 1, 2020
Today, I am very happy to announce the availability of OpenModem, the successor to the popular MicroModem project. Six years ago, I started work on the MicroModem project, and it has since matured int...

Site Updated

Jan 29, 2020
I just finished rebuilding the website and shop on a new, fresh WordPress installation. The website had existed in it's previous form for more than 5 years, which meant the original WordPr...

More I/O for RNode

Dec 17, 2018
You asked for it, here it is! RNodes are now shipping with more I/O options. There's now a total of 17 multi-purpose pins available on the RNode board. Have a look at the following diagram for an over...

RNode Firmware Update 1.09

Dec 1, 2018
This is an important one! I found a bug on version 1.08 that could cause packets to get dropped on some occasions, if the packet queue was filled in certain way. The problem is only present on version...

LoRa packet sniffing with RNode

Jul 2, 2018
In the last post, we looked at creating a 15.75 kilometre SSH link with two RNodes acting as wireless network cards. Today, we're going to be a bit more passive. Using just a single RNode, we'll put t...

15 kilometre LoRa SSH link with RNode

Jun 30, 2018
In the last post, I looked at running APRS over LoRa using two RNodes. APRS is a relatively simple application, where data is mostly flowing from mobile stations, beaconing their position to fixed sta...

APRS over LoRa with RNode

Jun 29, 2018
One of the very convenient features of RNode is the ability to use it as a fully integrated TNC and data radio, in one compact device. In it's KISS-compatible TNC mode, RNode can be used with more or ...

A new board joins the family!

Apr 6, 2018
Say hello to Unduino1284p! This mini-sized Arduino-compatible MCU board is really compact but still very powerful, and most important of all, super easy to use. Sporting the ATmega1284p processor...

Board support in Arduino IDE

Apr 6, 2018
It's now easy to add support for all boards in the Arduino IDE! Just go to preferences in Arduino, and under "Additional Boards Manager URLs", add the following URL: