Here’s a new stack of MicroModem PCBs, fresh from the factory. They just arrived today, one day earlier than I thought. Nice surprise! When I initially put up the modems for sale, the limited stock I had was sold out way quicker than I had anticipated, so I apologize for the wait for those of you who also wanted to buy one! I’ll get to testing these boards straight away. Hopefully they are error-free and good to go! I will update the shop as soon as I am ready to send more out 🙂


Yay! Boards are working 🙂 I made a few minor changes to the PCB design, and it seems I didn’t mess up anything. I have just assembled the first board, and it’s working brilliantly. Here’s it is sending out a test. You can see the packet here: http://aprs.fi/?c=raw&call=OZ7TMD-3&limit=50&view=normal (until it’s deleted, packets are only saved for a couple of days on APRS.fi). The relevant change to this revision is the inclusion of a trimpot, so you can now tune the output level of the modem from microphone level to line level! Neat!



9 thoughts on “New MicroModem PCBs

  1. Great!
    I ordered one, as you probably know. Very interested in the upcoming implementation of the KISS-protocoll!

  2. Hi Bastiaan!
    Yeah, I know 🙂 Thanks a lot for buying one! I sent it out yesterday, so you should have it by friday! I will let you know when I have a working version with KISS!

    1. Selv tak! 😉
      Great to hear it got there fast! I hope you’ll enjoy it!
      Kind regards,

    i HAVE IN THE LAST YEARS DRIVED AROUND WITH APRS… I have found a schema from radio to arduino.. Need to finde the right software.. I would be happy if i can see om the display whom is where.
    Regards Preben I am not a technician…

  4. PY2FG
    Hi mark.
    I would like to have a system of this in a HT Baofeng.
    Where could I buy a unit

  5. Hello everyone !
    Is Micromodem connected in an arduino?
    Is there anything else I have to have?
    I would like to do aprs on ht radio.
    Does he have to have a GPS connected to it?
    Is this PCP ideal for what I want to do?
    73 PY2FG

  6. Hi! Is this still a ongoing Project?
    Kits available ?
    73 de SM7OYE

    1. Yes, it very much is an ongoing project, and it has evolved quite a bit since the iteration showed on this page. For the current version, look here: https://unsigned.io/micromodem/

      Unfortunately I don’t offer kits anymore.

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