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MicroAprs in KISS with extra debug serial

Hi to all!
Congratulations to Mark for the excellent job!
Also to some others, for their contribution to APRS, using simple and cheap Arduino boards!

I operate a live tracking system for a volunteer rescue team.
I have already operated the MicroAprs in KISS mode, using an Arduino Nano.
On the PC side, I use windows XP with UI-View32 successfully!

I would like though to have an extra serial port, mainly to be able to watch all the raw traffic
as second option. This could be done also, by using SVTrackR or DB4NTO project, getting advantage from the OLED screen!
I guess that KISS maybe already have a debug port that is deactivated.

The BIG problem is that programming isn't my universe. I can barely follow a program written in IDE, but not to produce one, I don't have the basic theory for that...
I don't even know how to compile something from the repo's! I can only deal the pre-compiled images, or what is for IDE.

So, ANY help would be much appreciated!

Thanks for your time, and the effort on that big area!


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