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MicroAPRS firmware will not work. Modem firmware works ok.

Ok to start, I have built the micromodem on breadboard with the UNO (ATMEGA328p) and loaded the Micromodem firmware with using the ./flash script prior to doing a make of the current source code. started cutecom and hooked it up to my radio and tuned to the APRS frequency and started to receive data, works like it should. However, after I flashed the MicroAPRS firmware nothing worked. No LED lights, and. no response from the serial connection. I tested voltage outputs on the digital pins and got nothing.  Should I be doing something differently in regards to flashing the firmware? or am I missing something entirely? any feedback would be greatly appreciated. 73s


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Re: MicroAPRS firmware will not work. Modem firmware works ok.

Hi Matt!
That's a bit weird! Did you notice that for the MicroAPRS flash script, you need to give two arguments: Both the serial port (ie "USB0") and also the microcontroller type? So you would need to issue the command like: "./flash USB0 m328p". Also, the KISS version of the firmware will be a bit harder to control manually over serial connection, since you need to send it data in KISS format.

Another thing I could think of is that you might not be decoding any data because you choose the wrong analog voltage reference. In the "precompiled" folder there is precompiled firmwares for both 3.3v and 5v reference, you need to choose the one that suits how you build the modem. If you're compiling yourself, you need to set this in the "device.h" file (around line 13).

Hope that helps! Let me know!


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