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I forgot, Source code is on GitHub: https://github.com/hb9tws/AprsTracker.git and here is a pic from my test setup that I am using for programming. It works with a Dorji 818V Transceiver module and a GPS reveiver Navilock NL-552ETTL. I "splittet" the serial port: the GPS Feeds into the RX pin whereas the TX is used for debugging outputs. I hope this will not do any harm to the Micromodems FTDI chip ...

APRS Tracker prototype

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Hi Mark,

Today I have tried to implement a small APRS tracker sketch. It was working fine but after I updated to the latest LibAPRS the APRS packets were not accepted anymore by APRX and also by my Yaesu VX-8G.

I looked into the history of LibAPRS and found that AX25.h had been changed to use 7 byte calls. Maybe I am wrong, but I think the 6 bytes is the correct length. Anyway, after I reverted the call length from 7 byte to 6 byte my packets got decoded again :-) That's what I did to your code in AX25.h:

typedef struct AX25Call {
    char call[6];
    uint8_t ssid;
} AX25Call;

Maybe I found a bug or I used the LibAPRS wrong. If you want to have a look at my code, you can find it on GitHub: https://github.com/hb9tws/AprsTracker.git. Was there a specific reason for your change?

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Hi Mark,

thanks - Schematics and Manual are perfect for me. Silvio DO1SIL asked me to write a guest post about the MicroModem in German for his Blog http://www.hamspirit.de. So this is very usefull information for me and I think it is beautiful enough. I have seen much uglier schematics ;-)

Wish you a happy New Year!

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Ah, today I found a lot of Information in the "Shop" page for the new MicroModem. So max current for 3V3V is 50mA and the mapping of the connectors to Arduino pin is also described there :-)

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Hi Mark,

do you have also an updated schematics for the new MicroModem? How much current can the  3V3 connector provide?

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Hi Klaus,

Thanks for putting up some information around the Little DORJI Transceiver. I did also order two of them for some experiments. As meanwhile my APRS iGate is up and running, I want to Build a dog tracker now. I plan to use the DORJI Transceiver, a small GPS module and a homebuild MicroAPRS module plus some RGB LEDs.

vy 73 de Stefan, HB9TWS

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Sounds great :-) I assume, without the "clever stuff", the firmware should still run on a 328P based board without FTDI Serial hardware, right?

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Hi Mark,

The forum looks great, thanks for creating it!

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