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Hi Stanley

I was following your stuff for a while but got bogged down by something...I think it was the interface between the 2 boards. Couldn't figure out how one was talking to the other. Tried to find schematics on Github, couldn't find em. Looked through your sketch for instructions...maybe passed by them.... I liked the upgrade to the TFT display but the architecture was a little too much for me to digest. Then I thought someone said that you scrapped the 2 board project for a Mega 2560...or someone did...at that point I got twisted around the axle and put it away.

I'm a real newbie on this but learning quickly...got a few projects under my belt now and feeling a little more confident. Still working on the project thanks to William...Got to finish a couple of nano projects first and then I'll get back to the APRS one....

thanks for chiming in


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Went to work on another Arduino project....also couldn't get that working so I emailed the sketch author....after about 12 emails back and forth he asked me to call him. I called him he turned out to be a guy that programs C for a living...we worked out my LiquidCrystal.h problem after he dug into the code and modified it. In between working on my problem he was telling me about all the problems he's run into when playing with Arduino stuff...

Needless to say, I guess I was too naive about Arduino...I thought there were standards and software testing that went on before libraries and sketches are posted to github or one of the other "official' sites. He gave me a lot of tips and insight on libraries and how to spot a crappy sketches..

I'm feeling a little better about diving into this stuff....but I got to get more coding under my belt before diving into the deep end.


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Thanks William appreciate your time to explain it all.

Going back to work on some other projects and forget this for a while......maybe forever or until I get more code under my belt.

thanks again


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Hi William

Video is a little dark...but I like the display.....

I know the address on the LCD and I can change it...but whats the program looking for ??? its in HEX so I'm not sure where to look ??? I could figure it out if it was a sketch...(I think) hahahaha...going to try and get the modem hooked up to my 706mkIIG later today and adjust the audio in to 1.5 to 2 pp volts of CLEAN audio.


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Hi William

Good ya found the problem....Love to see that setup....sounds nice.

I bread boarded the Micromodem up yesterday....slapped the HEX software into the nano via Xloader and it seems to like it. I can send commands via the serial monitor and it reports back. So I think the software is working.

My next challenge is to get the display working. Its an I2C but its address out of the box was 0x3F didn't work so I changed it to 0x27 which most of them are....still no joy. What is your LCD address ????....I can change this one by opening some solder bridges.

I'm also using a Barfing (not a spelling error, I don't think much of them) HT...I had to move the Nano away form the Barfing cuz it was holding the squelch open....so I figure there is some distortion going on even if it doesn't open the squelch...got to move all this stuff into the other room where I have a o'scope and see what the input audio looks like.


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Hi William

I'll tag on here....Just found the schematic for the MicroModem...looks easy enough to breadboard. Gotta get a couple of parts and ran out of 4x20 displays on my last project...I'll be watching your experiences with the de-emphasis circuit.


ps; like your QRZ page

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Hi Whemming

yeah that's exactly my HF experience....totally bored by the HF gang. I find the higher the frequency the better the crowd and contacts .... My last programming experience was Fortran IV in the late 60's...so I'm VERY stale.

Thanks for the offer of help...maybe one question you can answer...My APRS set up is a pair of Nanos one running the GPS and the other the modem....is that adequate ??? Not looking for the latest set up....just something that'll work...I can fancy it up later after I understand some of the software...

thanks again

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Hi All

Name is Don....I was into APRS years ago but dropped it when I got into the HAM digital modes. Just getting into Arduino stuff now...I'm a total hacker and novice at this but love to play around with code and hardware...Looking forward to building a system similar to Stanley Seow ( 9W2SVT / KG7OOY ) SVTrackR. Just found this site and am seeing a lot of extras added to the original hardware architecture and code....YIKES....

Plugging through it trying to understand it all......hahahaha

73 de KC1AT


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