#3 Re: Hardware » Microduino for building the micromodem? » 2016-03-08 07:09:42

I got the Micromodem Core USB, otherwise you will need Micromodem Core, and the USB shield

#4 Hardware » Micromodem upscaled to fit an arduino nano » 2016-03-08 06:51:12

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I believe my board is corrected now and hopefully ready to go


bd7e259affc1f69075a979187368ed60.png   7d758ff5b46408d28aa201cb587e2d2b.png

I have 3 inbound soon for testing

#5 Software & Programming » Fuses » 2016-03-08 06:42:15

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Do you use stock fuses set on the ATMEGA328p for your build?

I don't think mine are set right

Stock fuses are I believe, unless they are all zero'd out
Arduino Duemilanove or Nano w/ ATmega328
Low Fuse    0xFF
High Fuse    0xDA
Extended Fuse    0x05

#6 Re: Software & Programming » Programming Microduino and Pro Mini via ICSP » 2016-03-08 06:31:07

I also used an arduino nano as an avrisp, just use the example in the arduino program, compile,  upload, hook up pin outs to header,  use avrdude and specify avrisp...works well

https://sysexit.wordpress.com/2013/02/0 … r-arduino/

#8 Re: Introductions » Reply to this post! » 2016-03-05 04:40:47


My name is Brian

KF5CIF (amateur radio callsign)

I am a tinkerer, I am trying to tweak Mark's micromodem to fit the footprint of a arduino nano...first attempts were off, the daggum A0 pin is on the wrong pin of the nano, and I left out a connection on the Digital pins (but with a simple jumper it's working...aka the LED is flashing on input from the radio, but NO TX serial packets going out) either way this is my intro...I really like Mark's build but I am way too broke (7 kids) to buy a TNC so I am stuck with a cheaper DIY version.

I do have a Baofeng UV-5R sending packets using a simple TRRS module design I got from OSHPark, also modified it and tweaked it for thruhole...but it is working with VOX on the radio and a magmount on my truck.
Check out APRS.FI to see my hits when I am tooling around in my truck...the Rx only iGate is what I was trying to use this modem for...running APRX on a RPi...but can't get the hex to send traffic out on the nano's port...receives just fine...but won't TX out.

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