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MicroAPRS + Bluetooth Module issue

Hello all!
I have an interesting issue that I can't quite figure out.

I have some Arduino boards I've made for use with APRS. I have been using some for quite some time with no issues at all. That consisted of some generic Nano's, a custom shield I made, and an HC-06 bluetooth module.

The issue. I received some new HC-06 bluetooth modules, from the same seller as the old ones. The new ones have a slightly different layout. With that, they have communications issue that I can't resolve. If I connect up my applications, PinPoint APRS or APRSDroid over bluetooth with the new device, I CANNOT send any packets until at least one packet is heard and decoded. If the bluetooth module is turned off and on again, I can't send anything until it has received and decoded something from the Arduino. As long as it stays powered on, I can send as much and as often as needed.

The old bluetooth modules work just fine no matter what. I can send packets at any time from the first power on. No need to wait for an incoming packet.

Is there an AT command for something that needs to bet set for the module? Are these modules not compatible? What could be the issue?

Update: It may have been a bad batch of boards. I was able to get some others boards of the same design to work fine. Still not sure why it would work only after the initial decode of a packet.

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